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itís just over 4 weeks since i decided to try to go fruitarian again.  after a period of 1 year being fruitarian, about 3 years ago now, iíve struggled to get back to this diet.  mostly, i think, the reasons have been psychological, rather than physiological.  itís just too easy to eat comfort foods when iím feeling a bit down.  this time iíve decided to take a slightly different approach.  iím sticking to all organic fruits, and vegetable fruits, and abstaining from any water.  iím also, to date, avoiding anything dried or cooked.  i started with just black grapes.  i did 2 weeks of that and then decided to add a bit of variety by including apples, oranges, courgettes and tomatoes.  iíve also, now, added avocados and nectarines, though these have come from an organic supplier as they arenít currently available in any of the supermarkets iíve tried.  sadly, the variety of organic fruit in supermarkets has substantially declined since i was last fruitarian.  at the moment iím just taking this on a day to day basis.  iím not really sure what i want to achieve, though i do recall that i used to sleep far better when i was on this diet previously.  i think my main motivation is simply to be happier with my diet.  and, certainly, the happiest iíve ever been, diet wise, was as a fruitarian.

Dear Monkey 💖
Thank you very much for joining us here and sharing your experiences.

Wishing you all the Best on your Fruitful Path 💖
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX 💖

my all organic stance has slightly slipped.  iíve succumbed to some non-organic avocados and lemons, mainly because of difficulty getting them organic.  but iím still going to try to eat organic fruits, and fruit vegetables, wherever possible.  i particularly like avocado and lemon juice mixed together.  hence the temptation, i guess.  however, iím going to try not to eat too many avocadoes, as iíve found in the past that they can be quite addictive.

since my last post here my life has changed dramatically.  towards the end of last year my father had a fall.  this left me caring for my mother.  as my father is now home again i'm caring for both of them.  needless to say, my diet took something of a backseat to all of this.  i just didn't have the time or the energy to keep strictly to a fruitarian diet.  however, now things have become more settled i'm once again trying to get back to a fruitarian diet.  mostly i'm eating red grapes, yellow nectarines and avocados with lemon juice.  i'd have to say that i still find this diet quite challenging on my very limited budget.  and good fruit is still hard to find, hence my rather limited selection.

since my last post here i've felt the need to drink water with lemon juice.  possibly this is just a consequence of eating too many avocados.  if i were eating more juicy fruit, i'm sure this wouldn't be necessary.  i'm trying to broaden the variety of fruit that i eat, though mainly it's much the same as previously.  i've also been considering whether or not i should supplement.  i have to say that i'm completely undecided.  rationally i think that perhaps i should.  emotionally i'm less convinced.  so, at the moment i've done nothing about it.  i guess the thing that's stopping me most is that i've found it so easy to slip back into being fruitarian.  i just don't feel the need to supplement at the moment.  and i wouldn't want to do it long term anyway.  so, i guess i'll just wait and see if the need arises.


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