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Anne and Cappi's Fruitful Journey


Dear Forum Members,
Please feel free to create your own journal here to share with other members.

My name is Anne Osborne, I have been on a fruit diet for 23 years, and raised two very happy and healthy children on this diet.
The fruit diet just makes sense to me on so many levels,  ethical, environmental, health-wise, spiritual, and physiological.
So I have stuck with it and it has stuck with me!

I have recently completed an 81 day mono Orange juice diet.
Although I think a wide variety of fruits is important over the course of a year, I find for myself, that doing 2 or 3 mono diets during the year, helps me to cleanse and re-balance and help cope with the environmental pollutants and issues over which I have little control.

I will aim to share here regularly, although currently I am working and homeschooling, so my time is pretty busy.

Lots of Love to you all XX♥

I attach a photo of myself on Day 70 of my recent Orange juice mono diet.

Blue Eyes:
Anne, congratulations on your recent Orange juice adventure!  You are always such a great inspiration. 

Dear Blue Eyes,
Thank you very much for your kind words ❤
Thank you too for joining us again ❤

Wishing you a very Lovely Day
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX ❤


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