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Hello and Welcome back to iheartfruit ❤
Please feel free to join us again and to share and connect with other fruit lovers.
You do not need to be on a fruit-based diet to be a member, just to be appreciative of the wonders and magic of fruit!

It would be very much appreciated if the vegan ethic could be adhered to on the forum, Thank you very much ❤

Also, it would be appreciated if we endeavour to communicate with each other using Compassionate Communication, to try to make this a welcoming and safe place for us all.

We will try to retrieve the previous posts, but this may not be possible.

Wishing you all very Beautiful and Fruitful Days ❤

Thank you very much ❤

Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX ❤

Blue Eyes:
Anne, I just happened to check in yesterday, the same day that you wrote this note (give or take a little overseas time).  How fortuitous!  I will start a journal soon, but for now just wanted to say hello!  <3

Dear Blue Eyes,
Hello back to you too ❤
I look forward to reading your latest adventures.

Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX❤


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